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is about all the passion, desire, triumphs, frustrations, love, hate, and tenderness that influence every word we utter and every thought we don’t share. It’s about the language of our bodies, the truths and lies we try to hide about ourselves and the way we communicate them without saying a word. It’s about the goal of experiencing all life has to offer without the semantics of verbal communication. It’s about discovering our place in the natural world without pinning our successes or failures on any book or deification. It’s about accepting responsibility for maintaining focus in our own lives. It’s about sharing these thoughts through music.

    – r.s.

Rich Stein
  • Rich Stein: Guitars (classical, steel-string, e-bow, electric, baritone electric, prepared guitar) Violin, Viola, Loops
  • Simon Miller: Percussion, Cajon
  • Jim Dexter: Steel-string guitar
  • Jane Ross: Vocal
  • Philip A. Jimenez: Djembe, Bass, Loops
  • Vinny Raniolo: Steel-string guitar
  • Produced by Philip A. Jimenez
  • Co-produced by Sonny Speed
  • Recorded at Gordo Studios, Huntington, New York, USA
  • Recorded at Son Spot Studios, Commack, New York
  • Photos and CD design by Akiva with additional photos by Marc Jay Bienstock liiatack/Dynamic Image

All songs written and arranged by Rich Stein ©2003 Clearsteer Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

Unspoken liner note correction: instrumentation for "Unspoken Interlude" should read: Rich Stein: violas, e-bow electric guitars.



20th Century Guitar Magazine

"It’s quite good!… very experimental but a lot of nice lush melodies."
Steve Vai

"Wonderful album!"

"Influenced by great players like John Fahey and Leo Kottke, as well as eclectic masters like Zappa and Robert Fripp, Long Island-based guitarist Rich Stein covers an impressive spectrum of guitar timbres on design. The 12 track instrumental CD features a mostly acoustic palate of instrumental tracks further embellished by several other players who add to the mix."
– Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine

Unspoken debuts at Number 38 on the Top 100 Airplay chart (October 2003).

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  • Photos by Akiva
  • Photos by Marc Jay Bienstock Briatack/Dynamic Image
  • Image composition and processing by Zerojack
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States where Unspoken got airplay.
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AOL Radio New Age Channel Internet
KRBD 105.9 FM   Ketchikan, AK
KSLX 100.7 FM Acoustic Storm Chandler, AZ
DMX Channel 28, Cable Radio World Beat Los Angeles, CA
KVMR 89.5 FM/99.3 FM/103.7 FM Inner Vibrations Nevada City, CA
KZYX 90.7/91.5 FM Celestial Reasonings Talmage, CA
KMUD 91.1 FM KMOOD Redway, CA
WMNR/WGRS/WRXC 88.1 FM New Music Gallery Monroe, CT
WVUD 91.3 FM Morning Fog Newark, DE
KHOE 90.5 FM   Fairfield, IA
KTPR/WOI 90.1 FM Cosmic/Wild Rose Cafe Fort Dodge, IA
WGLT 89.1 FM Acousticity Normal, IL
WRFL 88.1 FM   Lexington, KY
WTUL 91.5 FM Cheezze Music Harvey, LA
WMBR 88.1 FM Innervisions Cambridge, MA
WERU 89.9 FM Earthtones Hampden, ME
WKAR 90.5 FM   East Lansing, MI
KCOZ 91.7 FM Knightwatch Point Lookout, MO
KRCU 90.9 FM   Cape Girardeau, MO
KUMR 88.5 FM Sounds Electric Rolla, MO
WUNC 91.5 FM   Chapel Hill, NC
WSCS 90.0 FM Music From the Cosmic Wheel New London, NH
WKNH 91.3 FM Planetary Prismatic Sonics Keene, NH
WDVR 89.7/91.1 FM Sound Alternative/Arriba Sergeantsville, NJ
KGLP 91.7 FM   Gallup, NM
WAER 88.3 FM   Syracuse, NY
WSKG 89.3 FM Soundscape Binghamton, NY
WKDT 89.3 FM   West Point, NY
WSIA 88.9 FM   Staten Island, NY
WXXI 91.5 FM/1370 AM Music For the 21st Century Rochester, NY
KRSC 91.3 FM Interlude Radio, Innervisions Tulsa, OK
KBOO 90.7 FM   Portland, OR
WMUH 88.1 FM Afterglow Nazareth, PA
KESD 88.3FM   South Dakota Public Radio, SD
WAWL 91.5 FM Light In the Night Chattanooga, TN
WUTC 88.1 FM Sunrise Chattanooga, TN
KOCV 91.3 FM Zero-G Odessa, TX
KTEP 88.5 FM   El Paso, TX
KRCL 90.9 FM Ethnosphere Salt Lake City, UT
KPBX 91.1 FM Soundscape Spokane, WA
KCWC 88.1 FM   Riverton, WY
CBC Digital 89.5 FM Celebration Starsong Toronto, ON